Principles of Design

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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Design principles are used in architecture to organize or arrange structures to create a successful building or environment. Institutions teach different sets of principles regarding architectural design, but all of them have the same goals in mind: to create structures that are visually attractive, user-friendly and environment-friendly. While in the past architects used to mainly focus on functionality and aesthetics.

User-friendliness of designs, an aspect which was established for a wide range of design disciplines including environments and products, is very important in architecture. In the view of the function, the more living convenience should be provided by the building. According to the program called Venlc which was conducted by Venlc. Every details of the building design should meet the need of people. In the building designed, the windows are constructed between two floors so that people inside can gain maximum amount of sunshine. Overhangs keep the sun out for people and cars. What is more, people are regarded as a part of the building and every action and purposes are greatly influenced by the design. According to the Char(1995), the two main parts about how to considering the function of the building are the equity and the flexibility in use Equitable use. Not only should a building be useful to people with diverse abilities and provide the same means of use for all users. But accommodate a wide range of individual preferences and abilities; it should, for instance, be user-friendly to both left- and right-handed users. Personally, any building bears a special purpose which in return decides its structures, materials, and exterior as well. The main function of a bridge, for instance, is undoubtedly to provide a safe passage across a river. So some serious factors including capacity and durability should be taken in consideration firstly .Thus, the bridge can truly serve human beings well and satisfy people's need. It has the...
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