Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings

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My day in life as a care assistant at Netherton green nursing home.
7.00 am
The handover report.
I arrive at work at quarter seven to every shift. I do this has it gives me another time to get changed into my uniform. When the nurses and all of the carers are on duty, we all gather in the office for the handover report from the night nurse. A handover report must be given to the carers and nurses at the start of every shift from the nurse change, because there may have been some changes. For example changes can be:- * A patient may have been transferred to hospital during the previous shift * There might be change in a patient health condition

* A patients mobility might have been changed
* We may have had a new admission
Before the handover starts the nurse in change will hand out the paperwork which is the handover report. This is a useful resource because it will indicate all the important information which we need to know on the hand over report. Here is example of a layout of a handover report:- This column will show the patients full name.| This column will show what date the patient was admitted to the unit.| This column will indicate the patient’s date of birth. | This column will provide the carers with important information what we need to know about the service user. The important information should tell us if the service users suffers with the feeling :- * Diabetic. * Have a high risk of falling. * If they have special diet requirement for example the patient may be soft diet or may have thickener in their fluids, | This column will indicate the mobility transfer for the patient. It will also show the plan for discharge for each service users.|

If the pagers start buzzing during the handover report, one of the carers should go to the room where the pager is indicating to go to. For example on this particular day I’m writing about the patient had pressed the buzzer because they needed assistance. I went to room 3 and the patient asked me to assist them to the commode because they needed the toilet. I asked the patient after helping them to be transferred onto the commode, if they wanted to get washed and dressed. I helped the service user with washing the patient back, bottom of their legs and their feet. I asked the service user to wash their own:- * Hands

* Face
* Arms
* Under their arms
* Belly
* Top of legs
I did this because I know that the patient is fully capable to wash themselves. While the resident was washing themselves I took that time to make the patient bed or stripe the bed sheets if it was that bed due to be cleaned that day. While I was in the patient’s room I noticed room 16 emergency buzzer was going off. Before I could leave the patients room in room 3 I needed to make sure they were safe. When I was sure that the service user was safe, I moved the buzzer so the patient was able to reach it. I told the resident to press the buzzer when they had finished so I could assist them to walk to the lounge or the dining room. I went to room 16 to found a patient on the floor. I went to fetch the nurse to tell them that the patient is on fall. Both of the nurses came and examined the patient the injuries of the patient. The nurses have made the decision together to call the paramedics to get the patient transferred to hospital. Both of nurses know they had to transfer the service user to hospital because the patient has sustained multiple injuries:- * The patients had cracked their head open

* The patient was also able to tell the nurses that they were suffering with bad pain in their lower back. Because the service user had cracked their head opened the patients head was bleeding a lot, the one nurse put a compression bandage on their head, while the nurse other nurse phoned for an ambulance. The compression bandage was put onto the patient head to help to stop the bleeding. The nurse asked me to wait outside for the paramedics, so...
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