Principles of Communication

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  • Published : May 13, 2013
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Principles of communication in adult social care settings

In this unit I will be writing about how important it is to use the correct communication skills in an adult social care setting. It is important to communicate with a client in an adult social care setting, this is because clients communicate to show how they feel, to share their ideas with other people in case they do not feel well or maybe they just need to ask a question. Communication is necessary in a social care setting as it helps to build relations with the carers and the other clients whom are around, communication shows other people how the client is feeling, what they want to do and it also prevents misunderstandings within their care. After working in a care setting you will begin to notice how everyone communicates with others, their body language can also alter depending on what the client is trying to say. Not every client will be verbal so you will start to notice how the non-verbal clients communicate. This could be through eye contact, pointing and possibly showing you what they want. The key to communication is patience. If you are trying to communicate with a non-verbal client then you will have to find other ways around how they communicate, this is very important in case something important has happened. The best way to do this would be to ask other people in the building to find out if they know any other ways, if they don't they its best to observe the individuals reactions when communicating with them. For example; saying something funny may bring a smile on their face which then you know they are happy and that made them laugh.


It is important to find out how an individual communication and language needs, wishes and preferences because it would be beneficial for the carer to know exactly what the individual is wanting or needing. They could possibly just be hungry or maybe there is something more important that need to say. Once the carer has understood their...
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