Principles: Good Writing

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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This unit on L.A.HILL’S on ‘Principles of Good Writing’, is actually designed to add to your writing ability. After going through this unit, you will be able to: * Know about informative essay

* Development logical and successful writing
* Know the importance of newspaper and some good magazines. * Develop a taste for other aspects of linguistics
Lesile Alexander Hill, a renowned personality among essayist, was born in the year 1918 in Greece and was educated at Cambridge university. He worked for the British council in Greece. Iran, Indonesia and India. Later he worked as adviser for the oxford university press, oxford, England, on the teaching of English as a second language

His works include many thought provoking essays, comprehension and epitomisation for overseas students. Recent trends in educational practice, a guide to correct English, and teaching English as a second language are some very important to mention. Hill’s interest in linguistics extends to all human behavior and similarities and variations between different cultures.

Hill’s good command over prose language is revealed clearly in this formal-tone essay “The Principles of Good Writing”. In this essay, Hill has brought to light the rules and regulations to be observed in shaping and sharpening one’s writing skills. He has given valuable tips regarding the secret of successful writing. The clarity of thought and expression, the logical development of the theme, the illustrative examples and the appropriate use of vocabulary, make it a wonderful piece of work. Summary: Hill, in first person narration, gives a piece of valuable advice to all the aspirants who want to be proficient in English-written and oral skills.

In the opening passage, he clearly says that good writing demands good and logical thinking. Good thinking, is not developed instantly, rather it emerges...
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