Principles and Values Which Underpin the Support for Individual Who Use Services

Topics: Human rights, Human, Individual Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: March 5, 2013
In Health and Social Care setting the word Ethics is place as this are a moral code principles and philosophy when working in this setting. Ethical working in this setting includes respecting the principles and values which underpin the support for individuals who’s in St. Anne’s Community Services which is part of the organisation who look after of a homeless people. Ethical consideration has different kinds of treatment with in Health and Social Care setting which are: social justice, a person centred approach, right to life, honesty and empathy. SOCIAL JUSTICE refers to the concept of a society in which justice is involved or achieved in every aspect in life. As part of individuality in the society they have to have social justice in their lives. Because this is the only way that it can set as free as an individual we want to have a social justice. Social justice is supported by practitioners and service providers adhering to the codes of practices and polices appropriate to their services. A person centred approach is a useful way when considering the care of service users within health and social care sectors. This approach is to care and support which means that the service users is at the centre of care and support they receiving that involves them in any planning decision-making about their life. Right to life is a concept in which there is a situation that a human being has an essential right to live and particularly that a person has the right not to be killed by another human being. Right to life has a concept in which people debates from this ethical consideration which involves on the issue euthanasia, self defence, abortion, war and capital punishment. The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (ECHR) article 2 sates that: Everyone’s right to life must be protected by law (The Human Rights Act 1998), which came into force in 2000, means that the right to life contained in Article 2 of the ECHR is also part...
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