Principles and Practices of Management

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Chapter 9: Human Resources and Diversity Assignment

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Activity 1

Directions: Answer the following discussion questions

Answers to Discussion Questions

1. Which selection criteria (personal interview, employment test, assessment center) do you think would be most valuable for predicting effective job performance for a manager in a record company? For one of your college professors? For a manager at a coffee shop such as Starbucks? Discuss. For a manager of a record company I would give them an employment test. It is critical for the manager of a record company to be sufficient in the area that he is managing. He/she should be able to operate at all levels of the business to be able to oversee his/her employees. A college professor I would give a personal interview. With a personal interview you are able to ensure a quality line of communication and expertise in the field that is going to be taught with casual conversation as you would in a classroom. Assessment centers would be ideal for a manager at Starbucks because you are able to evaluate how well the manager will cope with an overwhelming amount or work/ pressure on them. Personal interviews are great in all scenarios because you are able to ensure that the prospective manager has effective communication skills to get the job done.

2. Is it wise for managers to consider a candidate’s MySpace or Facebook postings grounds for rejection before even interviewing a promising candidate? Is it fair? Discuss. Yes, managers should consider a candidate’s MySpace or Facebook postings for grounds to reject candidate’s before interviews. When people post inappropriate pictures/ posts it demonstrates their character as a person. If I looked on someone’s profile and saw pictures of them smoking weed I would not hire them. Social Media websites are meant to be seen and if they didn’t want to be judged on their behavior they should be mature and professional enough to conduct themselves in such a manor.

3. If you are in charge of training and development, which training option or options—such as on-the-job training, cross-training, classroom, podcasting, mentoring—would you be likely to choose for your company’s sales staff? A customer service representative? An entry-level accountant? For my company’s sales staff I would use mentoring for the training and developing. In order to train my personnel I would have experienced personnel to mentor those with less experience. Doing so will not only train and develop employees but create relationships and boost morale within the organization as well. A customer service representative may benefit most by podcasting and classroom. Podcasting would allow the workers to go through scenario based lessons on a computer. Being able to see the different ways to properly handle a situation on the computer can increase their problem solving skills. A classroom discussion on handling certain situations may also greatly benefit workers as well. An entry-level account would qualify for cross-training. Being accountable for turning over small increments of work within a specified time span will give the entry-level employee the experience they need while also enabling them to seek guidance from fellow employees and develop relationships within the organization.

4. If you were to draw up a telecommuting contract with an employee, what would it look like? Include considerations such as job description, compensation and benefits, performance measures, training, and grounds for dismissal.

Job Description: The employee agrees to perform their assigned duties in an approved telecommuting location. Failure to comply will result in termination of this telecommuting agreement and other disciplinary action may be taken by the employer upon the level of severity. Business owned equipment may be issued to the employee with the approval of the employer, which must be protected from damages and...
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