Principles and Practice of Web Design - Home Page Evaluation

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INT1022 Principles and Practice of Web Design


The website is published by and part of the JB Concepts design & media group and was founded in 2010. The urge to create the site developed because the JB Concepts design & media group felt that there was a need for a science website for students, teachers and interested young people which helps them understand science and encourages them to experience science through own, by the website guided, projects and experiments. Furthermore the website gives the opportunity to increase the knowledge provided online through the availability of e-books. The creators see themselves responsible for educating and improving the learning experience for students while providing the necessary information concerning safety and emphasizing the sense of responsibility by the young scientists. The science projects are divided into different target groups ranging from the first to the eighth grade.

Description & Evaluation:
The home-page of the website is divided into four main parts. It also introduces the texture of the website and reflects the general design for every sub-page. The texture is divided into two parts which are differentiated through different colors. The head part is metallic neon green and gives an association to the topic science as it is usually considered nature based while green reflects this nature aspect. The other texture is a rough to smooth going dark grey metallic look which reflects the human involvement in the topic science. It makes sense that green is the head as it is the ground for the researches and the metallic artificial looking part is the content part of the website because it reflects what human found out so far. Thus it is a great choice of general design for the website. Furthermore the subtitles in the content part have a special pattern which gives the user the impression to see through a microscope on the subtitles. It thus keeps the topic science consistently over the complete page and uses patterns effectively to suggest the theme. Furthermore the head of the website provides a character and the logo design of the website which includes the other colors that will be used on the website. The colors are identification colors for the five different main themes of science the website provides. These topics are chemistry in blue, which resembles liquid, earth science and astronomy in violet, which is commonly associated with science of the universe, electricity and magnetism in yellow, which resembles the light of a light bulb, life science as biology in green, as green is commonly associated with the nature and finally physics in red, which differs strongly from the other colors It thus slowly introduces the user into the color way of the website and helps the user to rediscover the already known colors later in the content parts. The great and harmonious mix of colors also entices the user to spend more time on the website and thus provides the positive effect that a wisely chosen color way should have (Shenkman & Jonsson, 2000; Nielsen, 2002; Tractinsky et al, 2004; Tractinsky et al, 2006; Valdez & Mehrabian, 1994). The website uses the typeface -Trebuchet MS,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif- consistently on every page and just differs in the color for titles and subtitles, content and links. The Titles and subtitles are in bold, white and in the size of 1.8em to be easily identifiable as titles. The content is regular, black and in the size of 1.2em while the links have the same structure they are in light green. The website uses the em size of font because it is easily scalable and mobile-device friendly. The font choice of the website is efficient and logical. The titles and subtitles have a slightly bigger size without being too place containing, while the content is held simple and easily readable. Titles in the...
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