Principles and Articles of the U.S. Constitution

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  • Published : June 17, 2012
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Principles and Articles of the U.S. Constitution
Grand Canyon University
Prof. Mark Tawney
May 19, 2012

Principles and Articles of the U.S. Constitution
The constitution is an important document that insures us to have freedoms that not every other country in the world has. We are also guaranteed the right to carry guns, freedom, happiness, and above all to be save and assured that these laws will never be taken away from us. The principals of the constitution have remained the same since they were first written.

Self Government: We have the right to govern ourselves and we deserve to have our voice heard in our government
Separation of Power: Finding a way to separate power among the various branches in its self has its own form of checks and balances.
Checks and Balances: This is created to keep each branch of the legislature honest and keeps things moving. Each branch of the government checks the power of each of the other branches and then balances it when necessary.

The Executive Branch is ran by the President of the United States
* Carries out Federal Laws
* Recommends new ones
* Directs national defense
* Signs and vetoing laws
* Granting Pardons if necessary
* They run the government
* Enforce laws
* Conducts foreign affairs
The Legislative Branch is ran by Congress
* Creating laws
* Passes laws
* Can impeach if necessary
* Set budgets for states
* Set domestic policies
* Declare war
* Makes laws
The Judicial Branch is ran by the Supreme Court
* Interpret the constitution
* Listening and solving legal disputes
* Hearing civil cases
* Protecting people’s rights
* Determine if one is innocent and guilt
* Punishing violators of the law
* Their main responsibility is to make sure that we the people of the united states remain...
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