Principled Leadership

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Question 2
We focus on developing what we call “principled leadership.” What does that mean to you, and specifically how have you demonstrated it? Principled Leadership
When I was working at the ABC, I was one of the few auditors to be promoted to Lead Auditor and trainer after a mere 18 months of employment. There were many reasons for this promotion including my strong auditing knowledge and my honesty and integrity. However, the main reason why I was chosen to the lead the team was because I could bring out the best in people. I believed in my co-workers, but I was also cognizant of their faults.

As Lead Auditor, I trained five audit trainees and I led groups as large as 10 people on various complex audit projects. My audit trainees needed to learn how to analyze the reports and assess the effectiveness of the key controls. These were not easy reports to analyze and it took a lot of patience to master them, but I was proud of my trainees when they performed to the best of their abilities.

By the same token, my supervisory position as Lead Auditor helped me to see how diversity benefited the office space. Everyone brought their own skills and strengths to the table, but everyone on my team wanted to do his or her best. With some, I had to work with closely in order to make sure they understood their tasks. With others, all I had to do was get out of the way. As a leader I learned to tell the difference in order to bring out the best in my team. I am proud of what we accomplished together.

Principled Leadership
Your ability to lead — to communicate a sound strategic vision, to establish partnerships and alliances, to guide teams and entire organizations through the modern business maze, and to do it all with integrity and character — will position you for success throughout your career. At Smeal, you receive 360-degree feedback with individual coaching to help you identify your strengths and challenges and create a long-term leadership development...
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