Principle of Wireless Net Work System

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Principle of wireless network system
The principle of wireless network system needs the tool to transmit and expand the signal or we call “Access Point” and it has PC Card. It is a LAN Card that use to connect to Access Point. It also use radio wave to transmit & expand the signal. It use frequency from 2.4 to 2.4897 GHz and it can choose the config in wireless lan.

The distance of wireless connection
1) 50 meters able to speed about 1.1 Mbps
2) 80 meters able to speed about 5.5 Mbps
3) 120 meters able to speed about 2 Mbps
4) 150 meters able to speed about 1 Mbps
1) 250 meters able to speed about 11 Mbps
2) 350 meters able to speed about 5.5 Mbps
3) 400 meters able to speed about 2 Mbps
4) 500 meters able to speed about 1 Mbps

The Wireless Connection has 2 types.
1.Ad-hoc (Peer to Peer)
It is the connection between wireless computer and other components that up to 2 components. It doesn't have the center connection because it can connect together by itself. The transmitter will transmit the wave to everywhere by no target but the receiver must in the range of signal then it will examine the authority by the value of Mac Address of receiver in data frame that transmit. If it corrects it will use the data in next data processing. The Ad-hoc connection can not connect to the ethernet network because this system doesn't have signal in it. 2.Infrastructure (Client/Server)

This connection or we call client/server, it is more special than Ad-hoc system that it has excess point for the center connection (Perform as hub) and it is the bridge connection to wireless computer to the main ethernet network (Ethernet Backbone) include the communication control of wireless lan components .

The component for connection to wireless LAN network.
1)Wireless LAN Card
Its Function is convert digital data that come from the data processing of computer to radio wave and send through the air. It also receive the radio wave and convert to...
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