Principle of Energy Saving and Design Concept

Topics: Electromagnetic radiation, Light, Sun Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Technical Study of Power Energy Saving Device

CESSWORLD Corporation

1. The Principle of Solar Energy 2. The Principle of Power Energy Saving by CESS 3. The Inside Circuit Diagram and Function of CESS 4. The Power Out-put formula by CESS 5. The Difference of Energy Saving Rate at a site by CESS

1. The Principle of Solar Energy
1) Light and the wavelength
The world is filled with light. Because there are full of light in the world, you may well wonder at the beautiful colors of all creations. But there are two types of lights; the one is the light which we can discern the shape and color with our eyes and the other is which we can’t. Although we live inside the light, actually we don’t know how the light looks like. We just know its property by observation.

The sun is the root of light. With the surface temperature about 6000 degree Celsius, not only do the sun shines brightly the surface of earth 15 million Km distant, but also is the sun the driving force which infuses vitality into the earth where we live with vast energy of 1.5million Km per 1 meter square, although reached light is only one 50millionth of the whole emitted energy of the sun. In short, light is the energy which has no weight and shape, fast as to revolve around

the earth seven and half rounds per one second, and not goes straight but progresses like waves.

Light is wavelength because the shape of light repeat in any wave motion as the shape of concentric circle spreads out on the water when a stone is thrown into the calm pond. Like this, light is said to have wave property. Also, light is the flow of particles called a photon. Shading by putting an object on the shining spot is due to blocking of the flow of particles by this subject. This is synonymous with that the energy of photon is small or big from the concept of photon. In other words, the shorter the wave length of light is the bigger the energy of photon is. Light can be understood as dual concept of...
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