Principle of Business : Leadership, Teamwork and Communication

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Unit 7: Leadership, Teamwork and Communication in Business


Most persons are aware of world renowned leaders such as Barack Obama, Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela. In the business arena leaders such as Donald Trump and Bill Gates have led their companies to great success. What makes good leaders? Is it the ability to influence and get the most productivity from persons under their charge? Is it the skill to effectively communicate with and promote teamwork among persons? Or is it their ability to seize opportunities and overcome challenges that may inevitably arise?

Generally the success of any organization requires effective leadership, teamwork, communication and strategies for handling challenges. In Session 1 you will examine three major types of leadership styles. Session 2 will introduce you to the value of teamwork in business organizations. In Session 3 you will focus on the communication process while in Session 4 you will explore how to manage conflicts that may arise in business organizations.

Upon completion of this unit you will be able to:

|[pic] |Explain three leadership styles commonly used in business organizations | |Outcomes |Explain the value of working in teams | | |Describe the communication process used in business | | |Recommend solutions to resolve conflicts that may arise in businesses | | | | | |The sessions...
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