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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Three Principle Gears mentioned in this paper:
To solve the problems or the issues that the companies are facing the author has suggested these three principle gears that were designed to help the companies to overcome the communication gap with the help of business strategy and technology. Gear One- Long Term IT Plan: This gear focuses mainly on the IT technology, objectives and goals. Successful business planning requires concentrated time and effort in a systematic approach. This involves assessing the present situation; anticipating future profitability and market conditions; determining objectives and goals.etc. As known in the past, Businesses have reacted to immediate problems with single-point solutions rather than addressing company-wide needs. For example the Management Committee of NJIT every year tries to improvise its technologies and varies fields so as to reach its educational goals and strengthen its objectives.  Gear Two- Unifying Platform: NJIT has various departments which are performing different functions using data stored on various different systems. These departments’s sometimes does not communicate to each other and which results in delays and cost overhead in terms of time, money and resources. These delays often cause the students and parent’s dissatisfaction by the services. I feel having a common platform across the NJIT departments can make everybody’s job easy. If data is made available and stored in the centralized systems and which can be accessed by any department at anytime then this would speed up the processes and also work can be done efficiently. This would result in increasing the customer satisfaction. Gear Three- High performance IT Culture: Culture provides consistency for an organization and its people, a critical need in organizations where personnel change due to job rotation practices, mergers and acquisitions. For example Education sector today is...
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