Principle Centered Leadership

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  • Published : April 22, 2005
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Principle-Centered Leadership was a wide ranging book that covered leadership at the workplace, your home, and yourself. At times it was repetitive, but as a whole the longer you read the same ideas presented in different situations you began you to see what he was getting at, and while I don't think it is entirely possible to be a perfect human being, if you would follow what the author writes, you'd come pretty close.

The first section of the book covered personal and interpersonal effectiveness. One of the areas of this section I felt I got a lot of was the section where he detailed his version of the "seven deadly sins." One of the sins that stood out to me was the idea of wealth without work. I have known people who have tried to get rich without work, or at least attempted it. While there are some get-rich plans that are legal, many are not, they are simply scams, and someone loses in the end. One such corporation that I have a personal experience in is Quixtar. While this corporation may be technically legal, it is built on shaky ground, and the chance of you making it rich is not likely. I have at least 4 friends who have tried to get rich off Quixtar, with little to no success. The whole basis of the company is to get people to buy home supplies ranging from shampoo to toilet paper to big screen televisions off the internet and have them shipped to your home. But in order to be able to buy these products you must be a "member." When they first try to get people to join they hold these huge meetings at hotel conference rooms and have these "success" stories come in and tell the people how they are 28 years old and will never have to work again! While maybe it worked for that one person, I can't see how everyone wins. You must pay a certain fee to join, and pay that annually. How you make money is getting commissions off the people below you who you convince to buy the Quixtar products, and then they in turn are supposed to sell those...
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