Principals of Management

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lCompany Profile:
Company Name: Creative Insurgence Pte Ltd

Company Establishment: founded in year 2005

Company Location: Head Quarters located at 69 Dunlop Street

Creative Insurgence, are an events and show production company that specializes in conceptualizing, planning and executing both corporate as well as lifestyle events. They work with various partners such as credit cards, brands and venues to maximize the return-on-investment by our client(s). They are experts in handling B2C as well as B2B clients. They handle every aspect of an event. Their current clients include DBS, OCBC, Standard Chartered, Rolls Royce, Ed Hardy, Ted Baker, JustCavali, Fashion TV, Crystal Pavilion Marina Production, Swisshotel group, Klapsons Hotel and 1-Altitude. Recently, they have added on a PR/Social Media department as well. With over 500 events under their belt, Creative Insurgence has wide-reaching contacts with local and regional media - ensuring their clients get the publicity best suited for their brand and their product. Such is the legacy of their company. Their Facebook page: Example of events in which they hosted:

l) Fashion Vodka Sky Grand Prix Party ll) Sky Grand Prix.

Manager Profile:
Manager Name: Mr Subiash Rajamanickam

Age: 28

Company Position: Events & Show Production Manager, supervises average of 8 employees.

Education: Bachelor Of Business Management at SMU

Time with the company: 2 Years

Management Skills
Technical Skill
In the interview with Mr. Subaish Rajamanickam, he revealed that he is more of a ‘playmaker in the game’. He is the one making decisions for the events and distributing instructions to his employees that are working under him to get them carried out. As stated during the interview with Mr. Subaish, “He is heavily involved in his expertise as he has to come up with the concepts and make the decisions”. This is an evidence to prove that he is a first line manager as he is the one coming up with the concept and making the decisions and holds a position above his employees. Human Skill

Besides portraying technical skills, he also portrays human skills. Human skills involve the ability to work well with others both individually and in a group. As stated in Mr. Subaish answer, “For small events, he usually has a group of 2, which in this case is rated a perfect 10. Whereas for larger scale project, which he has around 7-8 people working under him, they are usually rated around 7-8”. With this, I can conclude that he has good human skills with his employees as out of 10/10, they were rated usually a perfect 10 for small groups and 7-8 for larger groups, which is way above average. This tells me that he was able to work well with his employees and his employees enjoy working with him too in order to produce such high level of performance. Another evidence that proves that he has good human skills is, “Understanding them, understanding their strengths, weakness and giving them the freedom to do what they are good at”. This shows that he trust his employees by giving them the freedom to do what they are good at and able to inspire enthusiasm in his employees. Being given the opportunity to show off their forte makes his employees enjoy their job more and willing to give their best shot. In conclusion, I have concluded that Mr. Subaish is a middle/first-line manager as he has both technical and human skills.

Interpersonal Roles
In order for the event to take place and to commence successfully, he has to maintain good ties with external contacts like Credit Card Company for payments, security to watch over the events, alcohol sponsors to get his supply of alcohol for events held in eg. clubs, private party. But one of the most important external contacts that he usually needs for his events would be the credit card...
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