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Principal’s School Report on Annual Speech Day dated 23
November 2007
Our guest of honour, Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, Mr.Chan King Luen, Reverend Brothers, Distinguished Guests, Parents, Old Boys, Teachers, Friends and Students,
It is our greatest honor to have Professor Tsui , the Vice Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong to officiate at our Annual Speech Day 2007. We are also honored and very grateful for the presence of everyone here because you ought to be very busy at this time of the year.

The school year 2006-2007 was a year of warmness because of the generous support from many of our parents, old boys and friends. Special thanks must be given to a 1973 graduate, Dr.Felix Yip Chi Ming, who has donated $1 million to the school and our new annex is named after him. We also have to thank a 1971 graduate, Dr. Ambrose Wong Hok Ming, who has donated $300000 for naming our school hall as the “Hall of Gratitude”. Besides, a lot of other old boys and friends keep on giving us various kinds of support and many touching stories have been recorded in the school year. It is with their support that we have started many new projects for improving the school learning environment. To mention a few, we have installed desktop computers in every classroom and on every desk of the teachers in the staff rooms. Besides, our school library has been renovated and now our students like to gather there for silent reading and studies. Today, if you have time to walk around our school campus, you will be surprised to see that we have adequate rooms and places catering for the different needs of our students. It is again with their support, we could realize most of our action plans stated in our Annual School Plan 2006-07. For example, a better English-rich environment has been created, a more effective teaching and learning culture has been nurtured and a more caring approach to help the whole-person development of our students has been established.

The school year of 2006-07 was not just a year of gratitude but also a year of hard work towards excellence. As everyone is aware, it is not easy for schools today to deal with the challenges from the education reform. However, our school has confidence in mastering the reform because our tradition of Lasallian education conforms greatly to the ideas raised in the reform. 2 Last year, with the concerted effort of our colleagues, our students have rewarded the school by making excellent achievements both in academic and other learning activities.

Speaking of academic performance, last year, in the A-Level Examination, the passing percentage was about 95% in total subject entries, about 30% being awarded credits or distinctions. The passing percentages of Use of English and Chinese Language and Culture were both 96.9%. About 90% of our F.7 students have been admitted to the universities and other tertiary institutions. The best two students were Lui Wing Cheung Kenneth and Ho Ying Kit. Both of them obtained 2 distinctions in the A-Level Examination.

In the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, our F.5 students also obtained a satisfactory result and about 87% of them were awarded Grade E or above in at least 5 subjects. The percentage of credits or distinctions in total subject entries was about 30%. The average passing percentage of the three core subjects namely, English, Chinese and Mathematics was 93.5%. The average passing percentage of the best 6 subjects is 95.9%. The best two students were Tai Wan Leung who obtained 7 distinctions and Wong King Yin who obtained 5 distinctions.

In extra-curricular activities, our students are also outstanding and we are proud to present a few highlights here:
One community service that is worth mentioning is a whole-year project competition called “International-local School Joint Community Service Scheme” organized by EdExchange Limited and our partner school is King...
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