Principal Intern Reflection

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Policy Selection Background
The selection of the open enrollment policy for analysis was based on the importance of this policy as it relates to the mission, and financial situation at Champion Schools as well as the emotion associated with it since its adoption in 2005. The primary reason Champion chose to have an open enrollment policy was because Champion was faced with continual revenue loss year after year that showed no signs of improvement. By deciding to adopt an inter-district open enrollment policy Champion would receive the 5,700 dollars that is paid for each student that transfers to the district. Even though this would improve the financial situation it wasn’t an easy decision to make. Champion had an excellent school ranking from the State of Ohio and fears and questions arose around this fact as well as other issues. How would open enrollment have an effect on testing scores and the school state ranking? How would open enrollment have an effect on discipline? These concerns still remain since its adoption as well as others coming from both teachers and parents who live in the district. Teachers express concerns about the bad elements that are coming into the district creating discipline problems and pulling down test scores. Parents in the community complain that open enrollment families are not paying taxes to the school and are not committed as community members. By analyzing this policy and determining what is working and what is not working important recommendations can be made for improvement in this policy for all of the stakeholders at Champion Schools. Policy History and Background

Open enrollment was established in 1989 as a pilot program through Senate Bill 140, part of a larger education reform initiative, which also allowed high school students to take college courses for both high school and college credit. After a two-year pilot program involving three Ohio districts, schools in 1993 were given the option whether to...
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