Princess Rudawski the Kleptomaniac

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March 13, 2013

Princess Rudawski the Kleptomaniac

Let me tell you of the latest case to come out of Scotland Yard and its sensational ending. The place is London, England. It is the month of May in the year of 1896. This case which caused a good deal of mystery lately was that of the Polish Princess Rudawski and her jewelry box full of jewels, reported to have been stolen at the Carlton Hotel in London. My brother, a very prominent English detective, was over to my place a couple of days ago and he gave me the true version of the affair, which is sufficiently sensational to be worth repeating, more especially because, for obvious reasons, it has not yet been published.

The Princess Rudawski’s jewels and jewelry box were reported to have been stolen last week. The jewelry box was in an art nouveau style, gold, with a design of flowers and leaves on it. The contents inside the jewelry box were that of a diamond and pearl tiara, a diamond and ruby necklace, a score of gold bracelets, some of them heavy, some finely wrought and set with precious stones, several brooches, sapphire earrings, and diamond rings, all together worth about £40,000. Much investigation took place and many inquiries were made as to who would have had the means to do so, making the maids the prime suspects.

Upon further inspection though, it was found that the box full of jewels was never stolen at all and was simply pure invention. What really happened is far more serious. The Princess actually pawned her jewels and jewelry box and then, it is to be supposed, in a sudden fit of attention seeking kleptomania, to give a charitable expression to it, she brought a claim for a very large sum against the Carlton Hotel on the ground that, owing to negligence, her room had been robbed. The police soon discovered where the jewels were (the jewelry box had already sold), and when taxed with her curious action at Scotland Yard the Princess confessed everything....
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