Princess Potsy Name Analysis

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Princess Potsy. A Princess combined with Potsy, or Potluri. What is this strange name? Well, it’s mine. It started out as my brother as a joke within the debate team, but then, I came along. The days where I started working on debate were the days that Princess Potsy became viral. Some say it’s because our facial structure is exactly alike, but when a kind person named Daisy, who you probably know as Jenna, decided to call my brother Queen, I got stuck being Princess Potsy, or Princess for short. My brother Vamsi got the nickname Queen Potsy, and I inherited his old nickname, as I with other things, and now I am Princess Potsy.

I cannot seem to figure out if I like the name. Some people say that it’s a “girl’s” name, but in my opinion, the only difference between a male and a female is Fe (iron ). The 1 thing wrong with society is that you have to follow what it thinks. You are weird if you don’t. If everybody followed what society “told” them too, there would be no indifference of people, which is why I think society is not a system that should be followed since there are some things in life that need to be followed, while a lot of things in life are personal opinion.

This nickname doesn’t really symbolize me because I am the opposite of a Princess. I don’t live in a palace and get to order people around, and my parents don’t rule any area of the world. Obviously, Potsy symbolizes me because I am a Potluri.

This nickname doesn’t really give me an image, except it shows that I am 1 of a kind person, because there are not a lot of people in the world that are proud of being called random names. I also think that some people think of me as a-person-that-has-no-life type person, but as I said earlier, society is messed up because it is just a bunch of people that think of something that everyone has to follow. The best way to live is the way you think you should live, and that is because nobody should have control over your life.
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