Princess Diana Spoke Volumes on Aids Awareness

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  • Published : May 9, 2005
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During Princess Diana's life she helped with many foundations and charities. But she finally dedicated herself to one cause in particular. Princess Diana became very involved with helping AIDS sufferers and their families. Starting in the early nineties until her death in 1997 Diana did everything she could to help all AIDS foundations. Even though she was regal, she did not consider herself better than any AIDS sufferer, and constantly held AIDS victims and visted them when everyone else was afraid of their touch. Princess Diana first became interested in helping the needy when she was in high school. Diana fisrt started charitable works with the Voluntary Service Unit, where she would visit mentally handicapped teenagers. While many of Diana's friends were afraid and resistant about visiting Darenth Park, a huge mental hospital, Diana found that she had a natural desire for this work. Even though Diana was a princess and part of the royal family, she was not afraid to help AIDS victims and sufferers. Diana wasn't afraid to touch or even hug kids or adults who had AIDS or were HIV-positive. On the other hand,the Queen, the Queen's sister, and the queen's niece always wore gloves when merely shaking hands. "Everyone needs hugs" Diana once said. Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first royal family member to openly work with and support AIDS victims. "I touch people, I think everyone needs that,"stated Diana when discussing about how she freely hugs and touches AIDS patients and people who are HIV-positive. In 1989, Diana made one of her first public visits to an AIDS facility in England.Diana started her work with AIDS during a very hard time in her life. Even though Diana could have quit her charitable works after her divorce, she embraced them with a renewed passion. Diana's support for AIDS victims and sufferers came a crucial time when tabloids and her royal family didn't fully approve of her works.Diana became a favorite around normal, everyday people...
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