Princess Diana

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A day that would make history, Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, Ms. Diana Spencer was born to Edward John Spencer, and his wife Frances Ruth Burke Roche on July 1, 1961. The Spencers’ had always been close family friends with the Royal family themselves and it is rumored that she was a young playmate of Prince Edward and Prince Andrew. In 1975, her father inherited the title, “Earl Spencer” when his father passed away. Thus giving Diana the title, “Lady Diana”. Her last years of education were spent attending a finishing school in Switzerland, The Institut Alpin Videmanette. Upon graduation, she moved to London where she developed her love for children and became a kindergarten teacher. In 1980, Lady Diana had caught the eye of one Prince Charles. They began dating and the whole world watched as the two fall in love. At 19 years old, she became engaged to Prince Charles who was 32 years old. A short one year later and they were married. Their wedding was dubbed the wedding of the century. By 1984, the Mr. and Mrs. had birthed two children, Prince William, and Prince Harry. But by Prince Harry’s birth, the stresses of being a princess, new mother, and wife were taking a serious toll on Diana. Reports say that she went through a depression stage where she felt lonely and sad. In 1996, it was declared that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had divorced.

One could argue that although Lady Diana was never truly involved in government, she served her purpose as one of the most noticed and talked about figureheads. According to, a figurehead is: A person who is called the head of something but who has no real power. Lady Diana won over her people, and used her power to drive hard issues home. She dedicated her life to her sons, and her charitable works. She raised much awareness for the AIDS Epidemic and in 1987, Diana became the first ‘famous’ person to be photographed, touching someone with AIDS. She made a huge impact in dissolving...
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