Prince Sports Market Analysis

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Prince Market Analysis
As the sport continues to experience growth due to the younger interest, Prince has created its own death warrant because it fails to see how it can create a positive and lasting strong hold in a market that has seen a recent upswing. One of the things that sticks out the most to me was the amount of time it took for Prince to realize its superior position in the niche market of tennis and other racket designated sports, I can’t grasp the idea that Prince was not already a major contender in the market. As the sports world is going through a makeover with sport phenoms seeking commercial backing, Prince has assured itself through social networking and sponsorship of young talented athletes is a way to snare young and upcoming players, pro or not. But, this very same issue can be seen as a down fall as well, to either the competitor or Prince. If Prince misses one or two up and coming players, no harm; but potentially missing out on millions in sales would devastate a younger company, a younger company must be spot on in their choices. Every match, win or lose, the player is getting recognition from the media, never a down side to branding unless the athlete does not become the star once thought possible; get them while they are young and you will create a devoted consumer (fan). In my opinion, Prince failed to protect itself when they entered into the arena of hosting minor events. I feel this is their biggest mistake. By doing so the competition should be able to see that doing the very same thing and co-branding with accessorizing services and or products can create a dent in the growth Prince would have seen from their own venues. Reason being, Prince is only one company while there are millions of up and coming stars that are looking for the backing of a corporate sponsor that stands behind its product’s with stellar customer service and an unwavering and resilient front in research that pushes the game to the next level. This is the...
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