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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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Tanner Rodriguez

English 3 P.4

Literary Recall, Understanding, and Analysis


There are a couple of major themes for this book they are “Appearance and Reality” and “Image and Identity.” For example Tom Canty is thought to be the prince just because he is dressed in the “Royal” clothing and Prince Edward is thought to be Tom because of his rags and how he looks exactly like Tom. So you can clearly see that in this time period looks were everything especially if you were “thought” to be the prince or king.


PROTAGANISTS: Both Tom Canty and Prince Edward are protagonists in this story. Tom Canty comes from a troubled household were his father’s only reason for keeping him was for him to loot and beg for money on the street. While Prince Edward was out for a walk when he met Tom and changed his life for the better and to be a stronger prince and royal heir to the king.

ANTAGONIST: The main antagonist of the story is actually Tom’s father John Canty. He takes this title because of how awful he is to both Tom and Edward. Whenever Tom would come home after a day of begging and not getting anything, John would beat him until him was black and blue. When Prince Edward was dressed as Tom he tried to tell John that he was the prince, but John did not care and beat him. Then Prince Edward ran away to the countryside to avoid the beatings without knowing that John was going to follow him and hunt him down for more beatings for “Running Away”
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