Primordial Sound Meditation

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Primordial Sound Meditation

Donna Miesbach opens the lecture asking if anyone participates in meditation. Her knowledge begins for her at the age of 17. The passion she emits when teaching primordial sound meditation is evident with the discussion she leads. Informative about Dr. Deepka Chopa making the Vedic tradition of India available and able to read to many people. Bringing meditation back into society. Meditation can be described as entering a state of complete awareness. Meditation is about oneself; you with your mind. A place you can fulfill your purpose, get in tune with your soul, no stress, anxiety or fear. Meditation relieves stress and helps to remember self wholeness. It rejuvenates the cells to wake up, relaxes the physical, mental and energy body, introduces serenity, bliss and clarity all while bringing balance to every area of life.

Meditation is stated as a three step process. The basis starts with our state of mind.; many thoughts stimulate and stress our emotional, mental, energy and physical bodies. The "meditation station" describes the normal state of mind of not being normal but abnormal with effects of receiving sensory stimuli that react in uncontrolled ways. Also that our thoughts can be opposing of each other, thoughts that bring warm, cuddly, relaxed emotions can also initiate fear, anxiety and paranoia. A tool used to transition thru meditation is Mantra, defined as "man=mind" and "tra=instrument" so as a whole " Instrument of the mind"

The first step of meditation is gaining control over our mind, to concentrate. All effects are directly or indirectly in all areas of the body and mind. Concentration derived from the Latin words "To" " Center or fixed center point" offers mental influence and mental imaging, looking at the word as a whole can be further defined as " bring to a common point." and the "act or state of bringing to a fixed point or focus". With concentration you are bringing the highest forms of energy, power...