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By | March 2011
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Graduate Midterm Exam Questions – Spring 2011
Principles of Collaboration
BSAD 8196
Instructor: Robert O. Briggs

This exam has several goals. First, its questions are crafted to give you a sense of how the concepts you have been learning may be useful to you in the field. The scenarios presented in the exam are drawn from real situations in real organizations, and the questions ask for the kinds of solutions needed by the people in those situations. Secondly, studying for the exam will give you an opportunity to solidify and perhaps integrate the many concepts you’ve learned by trying to apply them to challenging situations. Finally, of course, the exam will give me a reading on your mastery of the topics.

This document presents you with ten questions to guide your preparation. On exam day I will assign you four questions to answer during the exam period.

Scenario 1. The Council of Captains

A group of 9 senior executives must develop an annual budget for a large, newly-created manufacturing division. There are thousands of details that must be addressed in the budget. There will not be enough money to do everything the executives want, so they face some tough choices. In order to set their spending priorities, they must first create a strategic plan for the new division, establishing a mission statement, a vision statement, a set of 7 strategic objectives, and an action plan for the first year.

The executives think this work will take them week in an off-site retreat, but time is short. A junior management trainee, recently graduated from UNO’s Collaboration Science program, suggests that, with the help of a professional facilitator, the executives may be able to complete the work in as little as two days, and produce a better plan and budget to boot. The executives draw a blank – they don’t know what a facilitator is (One suggests it could be “…like, someone from California who eats organic sprouts and wears...

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