Prime Numbers Need Friends?

Topics: Prime number, Integer factorization, Arithmetic Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Prime’s Need Friends Too.
Once upon a time, there were two brothers. Composite and Prime Number. They were fraternal twins; Composite Number’s factored form was 2•2•2•3 and Prime Number’s was 23•1. Nobody liked Prime Number because he couldn’t be factored and nobody wanted him to play with them in their games; like prime factorization (because he couldn’t be factored at all). Prime Number’s only friend was Prime Polynomial. They both had one major thing in common; being prime. While Composite Number has all his composite friends who play factoring, greatest common factor, and factoring by grouping were being in one group and only those groupies, Prime Number and Prime Polynomial went everywhere together and even went to the zoo to see a Perfect Square Trinomial Rex!

Time went on and Prime Number and Prime Polynomial went out and started going to the movies and saw a scary movie called Roots. Prime Polynomial got so scared she jumped into Prime numbers arms! After the movie, they went back to Prime Polynomials house for Prime Number to meet her parents. Prime Factorization who was Prime Polynomials dad was pleased to meet Prime Number who he had learned much about. Zero Products Property (Prime Polynomials mother) was making dinner and asked Prime Number to stay. Prime Number decided to stay for dinner and thanked both parents for their hospitality. Later they decided to be silly and play greatest common factor and saw that their GCF was 1. They all laughed and had a great time.

When Prime Number got home, his parents asked how it was and they talked about it. Composite Number was there and he was listening to their conversation and butt in. He talked to Prime Number and asked if he wanted to hang out with his friends and play a couple of games of greatest common factor. Prime Number declined his invitation due to it being too late. Composite Number then became very jealous of Prime Number because he had a girlfriend and lots of new and old friends while...
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