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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Physical Anthropology-data paper


I. Introduction:

For my topic, I have visited Happy Hollow Park to observe Capuchin Monkey. Capuchin monkey mainly lived in Southern Central America. They lives in large groups and they are hidden in the dense forest. They live together in groups of six to forty members. It consists of females and their offspring, as well as several males. These primates are territorial animals; they will mark a central area of their territory with urine and defending it against intruders. Their body, arms legs and tail are all black or brown in colored while their face, throat and chest are white in colored. They can reach a length of 30 to 56 cm, with tails that are as long as their body. They weigh up to 1.3kg. They keep in contact with one another by calling. Their habitats are in the forest (Information from the zoo). Females bear young every two years for about a 160 to 180 day gestation. It takes 4 years for female and eight years for male to be fully mature. They mainly have life expectancy in nature of 15-25 years (Wikipedia). I hypothesize that they will have similar behavior as human being.

II. Material and Methods

The Capuchin Monkeys that are exhibited in Happy Hollow Park consist of 1 black in colored male (I named it as Mike) and 1 brown in colored female (I named it as Helen). Mike and Helen were placed in a cage at one end of the park. I collected the data by scanning ten times at five-minute intervals to observe their behavior and normal life. I start my scan at about 2:30 pm. During that period, Mike had lots of movement which seems to be unstoppable while Helen was kept on finding food. I have examined the behavior of those monkeys thoroughly and I have discovered that during my observation period, they are mainly resting, eating and brachiating. They keep on climbing inside the cage. Similar to Human, there are also differences between female and male, male is more active than female do....
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