Primate Evolution Notes

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Los Angeles Zoo Primates Notes

Western lowland Gorillas
My first Ape i saw at the LA Zoo was the LowLand Gorilla. Because of the weather and temperature, the Gorrilas were not active as the stayed in the shade and away from observing eyes. Only one Gorilla was able to stay in the light and in the view of people trying to see into the zoo habitat for these Gorillas, Repunzel. Shes a beautiful lowland gorilla female sitting alone in te sunligt, happily grooming herself. Although shes alone, she seems fine and happy. Occasionally, she would get up, pick leaves from a nearby tree, and "Fluff up" her seat. Repunzel was born in Captivity on Feburary 20th ,1988. She looks great to be 25 years old.

Red Ape
While next on my list of Apes, the Orangutans were all inside their little condos but one. Just like the Gorilla Repunzel, this female Orangutan was alone and insight so i can observe her. She was on a wooden balcony alone with a black tarp as a blanket. She was a smart Ape, using the tarp as both shade for her eyes and to absorb the heat from the direct sunlight shes getting. While shes trying to catch some sleep, she gets comfortable by grooming the arm she sleeps on. her coat has a bright red tint with light brown. Shes a small/medium size female. Her age is Unknown to me.[see pic below]

From the Mahale Mountains
They are very active in the afternoon sun. As i watc, there is a lot of activity going on with these chimps. I saw a couple casing each other around a bolder while a couple are grooming each oter by a waterfalll.[see pic below] There was also a couple of loners around trees and bushes just sitting and enjoying the sun. There was also a baby chimp that was close to its mother. He was a curious baby, always swinging aroung his mom, never straying too far though. As the chimp baby settles down, he climbs his mothers back for some grooming and touching.

Goldon Cheeked Gibbon
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