Primary Product Decision for Google Nexus 7

Topics: Multi-touch, Google, Marketing Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Primary Product Decisions for Google Nexus 7
Two weeks ago, I purchased the Google Nexus 7; I’ve had the opportunity to experience the product first hand, and to understand the product decisions that were made by marketers for the brand. The Google Nexus 7 product decisions is typically a combination of the product’s attributes, branding, packaging, labeling and the support services that come with it. First, product attributes are divided into quality, features and style and design. In terms of quality, the Nexus 7 provides optimal performance with a processor speed of 1.2GHz and a Random Access Memory (RAM) of 1GB. Therefore, it’s easy to switch apps rapidly and gameplay is fun. In fact, Eric Franklin (2012) in his CNET review states that the Nexus 7 is “still the best small tablet”. In my opinion, the Nexus offers performance and consistency at its price in the eye of the typical consumer. In terms of features, the Nexus 7 introduced the swype feature that allows a user to swipe fingers across the virtual keyboard instead of typing letter by letter to create a word. It also has all the benefits of Google handy – the maps, gmail, calendar, Google+, wallet and others. Concerning the style, the Nexus 7 is eye-catching with its sleek appearance and a screen resolution of 1280x800 pixels which essentially means that the pixels are tightly packed together for a clear and sharp user experience. Lastly, the design has a comfortable feel, its light enough to hold for a while and with a 7 inch display is small enough to be mobile; it has a USB port, 2 microphones, a power button and two volume buttons on the sides. It also has a front-facing camera for live chats. All these together contribute to shaping the customers product use experience. Additionally, the primary point of difference for the Nexus 7 is its ability to offer all that a tablet offers, but at a significantly low price. Its target market is consumers who would like to have the same value that an...
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