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Topics: Breastfeeding, Breast milk, Infant formula Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: December 10, 2013
The method of gathering information I have chosen for my primary research is an interview as I think it is a method that isn’t very time consuming for giving excellent data. I am going to ask prepared questions in the hope of getting plenty of honest opinions. I can clarify any questions not understood. I hope that the interviewee will attempt all questions and answer then in detail and efficiently. There are no costs involved such as postage or photocopying.

The aim of my primary research is to receive qualitative data on the breastfeeding health benefits for the baby.

Plan of Action
I will interview a teacher and Gillian Anderson, the breastfeeding co-ordinator at Antrim Area Hospital. My teacher will arrange the letter to ask along with the rest of my class. •I will create suitable and appropriate questions

I will ask the questions to my teacher to check if they suit the aim and if they are clear enough. •I will redraft any questions based on the advice given.
I will record the information carefully
I will present the information gathered analysing the results.

The first question I asked was “what are the main factors which influence a woman’s decision to breastfeed?” Each interviewee answered in great detail. Both the teacher and breastfeeding co-ordinator agreed that there must be adequate support for the mother in the making of her decision. The breastfeeding co-ordinator said, “The woman must receive peer support from other mothers” I think she said this because the woman can receive information on past experience from others mothers and advice on what her decision should be. In comparison, the teacher said “it’s good to receive advice and information from mothers who naturally would have more knowledge about breastfeeding rather than someone who doesn’t breastfeed.” I think this advice is constructive but only to a certain extent. The choice to breastfeed should be made by the mother and no one should force her into...
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