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Topics: Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium, Bacteria Pages: 4 (1159 words) Published: March 18, 2013
A. Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection that can easily spread and passed from one person to another through droplets in the air. It is usually spread through contact with an infected person who is actively coughing or talking. An infection is caused by the bacteria multiplying inside the body, causing the tissues and organs to be damaged. Without any treatment, half of those people living with active TB infection will die. (Geiter, 2000) According to World Health Organization (2012), “Two hundred children die from TB every day. Yet it costs less than 3 cents a day to provide therapy that will prevent children from becoming ill with TB and 50 cents a day to provide treatment that will cure the disease.” There are two forms of TB infection; it is the Active TB and the Latent TB. A person who has Latent TB infection doesn’t show any signs or symptoms of having this that no one could notice. But unfortunately, this Latent TB could worsen and become active any time and can be contagious to other people. Latent TB can be treated with antibiotics to prevent from developing such infection to an active disease. Active TB disease is next to Latent TB infection, it is the opposite of Latent TB. Because in this stage shows signs or symptoms that includes coughing night sweats and fever. This could also be contagious and should be treated by the doctor as soon as possible. (Geiter, 2000) B. Mycobacteria

Mycobacteria are classified as acid-fast bacilli, and have a unique cell wall structure crucial to their survival. The well-developed cell wall contains a considerable amount of a fatty acid, mycolic acid/ (Knechel, 2009) Infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex remain one of the most important global public health issues: there were 9.4 million cases of tuberculosis case of tuberculosis in 2009, causing 1.7 deaths. (Wilson, 2010) C. Signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis

Self-reported cough, dyspnoea (difficult...
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