Primal Leadership Case

Topics: Leadership, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: January 25, 2013
The article Primal Leadership centres around emotional intelligence and the authors investigation into how a leaders mood or “emotional style” filters through the organisation and can affect the bottom-line results. If a leader is able to recognise this, they can monitor their own moods through self awareness, change them accordingly and act in the ways that will boost others moods which in turn will help the company’s performance. Studies show that when a leader is in a happy mood then the people surrounding them view things in a more positive light. An upbeat environment fosters mental efficiency – making people better at staying focussed, retaining information and therefore better at their jobs. Emotional intelligence affects the whole company’s performance, so it would be easy to assume that a manager with a positive outlook or disposition would raise the company’s performance. But emotional leadership isn’t just fake or putting on a game face every day, it is necessary to understand the impact you have on other employees as a leader. The more we act a certain way – for example happy – the more the behaviour becomes ingrained in our brain circuitry, and the more we will continue to feel and act that way. The key points made in Primal Leadership are covered by the authors in the five step program they recommend to help leader’s achieve higher levels of emotional intelligence. This process is based on brain science rather than more traditional forms of coaching, and has been designed to help leader’s rewire their brain towards these more emotionally intelligent behaviours. Step 1 – “Who do I want to be?”

This step asks the leader to picture the kind of leader they aspire to be and what that emotional leadership looks like.

Step 2 – “Who am I now?”
This step is where the leader comes to terms with seeing their leadership style as others do, through receiving feedback from peers, bosses and subordinates. A key issue highlighted for this step is that as...
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