Primacy of Land Power

Topics: World War II, Nuclear weapon, Cold War Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: December 26, 2012
The Primacy of Land Power

In this section of book ‘The Primary of Land Power’ Mearsheimer tries to explain land of power play the most important role in the state. He also gives some assumption about it that we try to understand behavior of great powers. He explain that: 1) Military is the ruling important power in modern world 2) Some organization of water limit ability of army .This assumption make a difficult for any state because every state want to get achieve global hegemony and be strong than the other states. 3) Nuclear weapons and the balance of Power

4) Strategic bombing and limits of strategic airpower and neval power 5) The history of blockades

We also say that patterns who come together for the something formed during the Cold war are proof that land power is the important component of military power. Why military power is important? Because if you have a military power, you can defeat and controlling land which is greatest political objective for territorial states. Mearshaimer also touch some issue. For example, Strategic bombing, it means air attacks on the your enemy’s homeland. It has become significance 20th century but it is unlikely to achive from the same reasons with blockades. Stopping power of water limits of troops and a lot of firepower that navy can bring to carry in operation. This is a difficult for navy follow the land forces in environment.( Japan. UK and US) Nuclear weapons (MAD). A MAD world is highly well balanced cause in the here there is no something that encourages for any great power to begin nuclear war that it could not win. At the end we can also say that military and their other forces from air or land are the military power in the states .So If you get this two power ,you may be dangerous country in the international system. Consequently your existence threat the other states.

Fatime Hesen
Regional studies
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