Pride Essay

Topics: Family, Marriage, Love Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Author: Jane Austen

Mr and Mrs Bennet had 5 daughers. JANE, ELIZABETH, MARY, KITTY, LYDIA

Sister relationships (jane and Elizabeth are super tight)

Mr Bennet has a lot of land and his money comes from the land and his inheritance, he’s educated. His inheritance is entitled, so that means when he dies, the next male air. But he has 5 daughters, so it’ll go to his male cousin. So they are safe, but as soon as he dies, the house goes to the cousin. So Mr and Mrs Bennet have to find 5 husbands for their daughters so they’ll have a place to live once her dad dies. And its not as easy as it looks, the 5 husbands have to be in their own class, and they have to be gentlemen. They don’t have the nice dresses to go look nice and go to the operah in London and be introduced to men. And so the mom is SO nervous because she thinks her kids will be homeless once her husband dies.

Spinster (women who don’t marry)
So if one sister doesn’t marry, shes basically at the mercy of another sister

If one of these sisters marries some gentlemen with a nice house and money, its more likely that they will all marry those good men. Or, if one marries a bad marriage, then its more likely that all men will marry them.

So the mom is going to look “desperate” because she needs to find one of her daughters a husband.

Romance (courtship)
Justice – inheritance
Learning from social code
Elopement/ scandal
Domestic power
Morality tale

Bingly: agreeable, easy manner, positive, gets 5000 pounds a year, very rich, he has sisters

Darcy: mean, unobtainable, 10000 pounds a year

^^their both single!

The difference between ellithabeth and charlotte on their view on marriage


not just love
matter of luck
secure the husband first, get to know him later
_____________________________________________________________________ mr and mrs garnder are well off, successful business people...
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