Pride and Professionalism in the Navy

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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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Pride and Professionalism

Pride and professionalism have taken their rightful place in today’s navy. Gone is mediocrity; permissiveness is about to follow. Enter professionalism. Admiral Thomas B. Hayward

In 1980 Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, the 21st Chief of Naval Operations CNO, initiated the Navy’s pride and professionalism program. This program reemphasized and reinforced the traditions and values that have a part of our Navy for over 200 years. Loyalty

This is a true, faithful, strong devotion to your country, commitment, or obligations. In a Navy environment, it also includes devotion to your superiors and subordinates. While you may be willing, even eager, to extend loyalty within your organization, you must continuously strive to keep the loyalty of others. You can do this by showing loyalty to the command and your subordinates. Devotion to duty

This is dedication to your job. You must at all times do your job to the best of your ability and place duty above self. Refusal to do so increases the burden of others. Professional Knowledge
At this point in your career, professional knowledge consist of more than just technical knowledge; it also consists of job Know-how. You will increase this job-know-how with experience and by being open-minded to new ideas and the suggestions of others. Self-Confidence

This means you feel sure of your ability, judgments, power, and decisions. Professional knowledge is meaningless without the confidence to use it. Initiative And Ingenuity
You need these qualities to help you develop your abilities to the fullest initiative is an introductory act leading to an action. Ingenuity is a skill or cleverness in devising or combining ways to get the job done. Opportunities for initiative and ingenuity often arise, but we fail to take advantage of them. Courage

This is the mental or moral strength that enables you...
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