Pride and Prejudice Journal Questions

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Journal Questions
13. Consider Mr. Wickham's function in the novel in terms of the geometry of desire. What is the source of Elizabeth's attraction to in Mr. Wickham? What role does he play in her attraction to Mr. Darcy? What is the significance of his own amatory adventures? 14. Consider the importance of letter writing in the novel. Write a letter from one of the minor characters to any of the characters. Consider the minor character's point of view. 15. When Lydia elopes, Mr. Collins writes a letter to Mr. Bennet accusing him of bad parenting. The reader tends to adore Mr. Bennet's wit and irony yet is he a good father? 16. Consider the importance of social gatherings. Which one has the most impact on theme, plot or character? 17. How does the visit to Pemberley affect Elizabeth's feelings towards Mr. Darcy? What does she learn about Mr. Darcy as a result of her visit?. 18. At what moment does Elizabeth begin to fall in love with Mr. Darcy? How do you know? At what moment does Darcy fall in love with Elizabeth? 19. Pride and Prejudice is a novel about the middle class, and Elizabeth's marriage to Mr. Darcy raises her station in life from the lower end of the middle class to the landed gentry. Discuss the importance of the gender of the hero and heroine in the novel. To what degree does the gender determine the nature of their adventures? 20. How do issues of class get raised in the novel? How does the novel resolve these issues? Which characters represent which rung on the ladder of the social hierarchy? 21. Nature or Nurture? At Longbourn the reader sees five different children who all behave differently. Lydia, for instance, is very concerned with meeting men and getting married. If one was to argue in the favor of nurture, then her motivations could be seen as influenced by her mother. However, not all the girls are impacted the same way as Lydia by their mother's influence, which implies nature. Which one do you think is a more powerful...
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