Pride and Prejudice Journal Entry

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  • Published : March 24, 2012
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Pride and Prejudice
This book, a classic draws many different thoughts and opinions. While I first thought that there were too many characters and too many complications in the book, as the story progressed, I saw how all the characters, plots and storylines fit together perfectly. For example, minor characters such as Wickham, who one would initially think would have no place or is irrelevant to the story, is actually the symbol of the strength of Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship. Instead of using deception to break up the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth, Wickham actually manages to bring the two closer once the relationship between the two is revealed. Therefore, all the characters add to the complexity and realness of the story. I enjoyed seeing how first all the characters' lives were described and shown and then as I continued to read, I saw how all their lives coincided when the characters interracted. I especially like the twists, such as when Elizabeth has trouble getting to her inlaws' house and she shows up looking disheveled, and how different people have interests in each other which causes controversy between all the characters. There are so many different themes present such as love, deception, trust, etc. I enjoyed how every scene, character, event symbolizes or supports every theme. Marriage is one of the themes present in the book and the characters display different facets of the concept of marriage. Elizabeth and Darcy are an example of a strong relationship since Wickham challenges it and they become a stronger couple. Wickham marries Lydia Bennett and that is not a good marriage, because Wickham is a deceitful, cunning character. There are a lot of opposites present in the novel, such as good and bad, honest and deceitful, love and lust, etc. Many people retreat to marriage for security reasons, such as when the proper marriage will lead you to financial security and social wellbeing. Love and marriage seem to be two completely...
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