Pride and Prejudice Essay

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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In the novel Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen forces the characters such as Elizabeth and Mr. Bingley and his company to move to different settings. When Darcy visits the town of Longbourn being a member of Mr, Bingley’s company, we see an uproar among the small town. When Elizabeth visits Darcy at Pemberley, we see the author develop the plot and the characters involved using the symbolism of the character’s physical journey. The point of view from which Austen reveals details in the passage serve to add more meaning to the characters, the plot, and the entire work of the novel. Pride and Prejudice begins with the visit of Mr. Bingley and his company, coming from a larger town to the Bennet’s village of Longbourn. This physical journey of these characters has meaning and influence as revealed by Mrs. Bennet. “‘ But consider your daughters. Only think what an establishment it would be for one of them. Sir William and Lady Lucas are determined to go, merely on that account, for in general you know they visit no new comers. Indeed you must go, for it will be impossible for us to visit him, if you do not’” (2). First, the news of the visit by Mr. Bingley and his company spreads quickly throughout the entire town of Longbourn. The act of their harmless visit causes the townspeople to interpret it as a chance of marrying off their daughters. A person’s literal movements has much more meaning as the visit of Mr. Bingley means an opportunity for marriage for many families. Second, Mrs. Bennet suggests that the physical movement of Mr. Bennet to Bingley’s Netherfield.has substantial meaning, in this case, it opens the opportunity for the Bennet daughters to visit. Meaning that according to Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Bennet must visit Mr. Bingley to even have a chance of marriage for his daughters. This creates an environment in the world of Pride and Prejudice where taking the time to make an acquaintance means one’s whole reputation. Sir William and Lady Lucas are planning a...
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