Pride and Prejudice

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Elizabeth and Juliet both reject their parents’ choice of husband. How are strong feeling presented by the writers in these extracts?

In Act 3 Scene 5 strong feelings are portrayed through out the scene. One example of this is at the start of the scene Juliet shows strong feelings of grief towards Romeo’s departure. “Yet let me weep for such a feeling loss.” This shows that she misses Romeo although he has only just left. The word ‘loss’ gives off the impressing Juliet feels she will never see Romeo again and that he is no longer hers.

Another point in the scene her mood changes and she becomes very upset and angry at the fact her parents expect her to marry Paris. Juliet takes her mothers line – “The County Paris, at Saint Peter’s Church shall happily make you there a joyful bride.” And changes it to a negative, responding to her mother with – “By Saint Peter’s Church and Peter too, he shall not make me there a joyful bride.” This shows Juliet is completely against marrying Paris and does not agree that he will make her a ‘Joyful bride’.

At this point Juliet’s mother is outwitted by Juliet’s intelligence and responds with “Here comes your father. Tell him so yourself, and see how he will take it at your hands.” This shows that Lady Capulet does not have control over her daughter and passes it over to Lord Capulet to deal with.

When Juliet’s father enters he is furious at the fact Juliet is refusing to marry Paris. Shakespeare shows this by using rhetorical questions, by doing this it shows that Lord Capulet is not willing to give Juliet chance to speak or answer his questions. Lord Capulet’s anger results in him threatening Juliet and. He uses the phrase “My fingers itch.” This means he wants to hit Juliet; this also foreshadows what is to happen in the play.

Juliet feels so strong that she defies her father, but in that action she learns the limit of her power. Defiant as she may seem, Juliet is still a woman in a male-dominated world....
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