Pride and Prejudice

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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In our literary group discussion, we accomplished many things that we needed to get done. We also discussed many things that needed to be explained. Our literary group was able to talk about our story and ask our questions about the chapters we read. The most important objective that we needed to get done was talking about our project that we will perform when we are done reading this story. We were able discussed what scenes from the book that we will perform. The first scene that will show our audience will be when Mr. Darcy meets Elizabeth for the first time at the ball. He was no attracted to her at all and thought very poorly of her. But, closer to the end, we have found out that his feelings have changed from their first appearance. This change in feeling of Mr. Darcy brought us to our next scene that will be a turning point because Mr. Darcy explains his love for Elizabeth. This scene we will talk about the letter that was written that has the explanation to everything that has been going on. Our scene three is still to be determined. We have not read enough into the book to where we think another turning point will be. Nothing, we think, has been that important to consider performing another part of the story for our audience.

Overall, we are all pretty excited to perform our three scenes from the story to our audience and see what they get from our experience in reading this excellent book, Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen. We hope everything goes smoothly and the audience loves our performance.
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