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Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is a book about five sisters who are looking for love, but find themselves having to deal with their society’s obsession with social reputation and class. There are societal requirements in which the five sisters must marry into but in the end the girls find their match. I truly enjoyed this book because Jane Austen makes each character come alive with emotions and excitement. The Bennets are a middle-class family who live in the country, a few miles away from London. The whole story takes place during the early 1800’s, when social status, class, and money arranged most marriages. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five daughters; Jane, Mary, Catherine, Lydia, and most importantly, Elizabeth. The book is mostly in Elizabeth’s perspective as she experiences changes in her personal life and in those of her close friends and family. Jane is the eldest daughter and the most beautiful. Mary is very smart and is often reading books and Catherine and Lydia are more outgoing and spontaneous. Mrs. Bennet is a determined socialite who wants her children to marry to the wealthy, contrary to Mr. Bennet who purposefully withdraws himself from any conversation coinciding with marriage. Everyone is in a hurry to marry the girls because if Mr. Bennet were to pass away, the girls would be left with no home. The estate is to be inherited by Mr. Collins, the next male relative. The story starts when word gets around that Mr. Bingley, a wealthy gentleman, is arriving for a visit. When he arrives, all the girls are infatuated with him due to his good looks and easy-going attitude. Mr. Bingley and his friend Mr. Darcy, come to a local dance, and Mr. Bingley seems to like Jane. Mr. Darcy shows little interest in any girl, and Elizabeth overhears him talking about how she was average and how he is better than everyone else and should not have to associate himself with people like her. While the courtship between Bingley and Jane goes along, Mr. Collins comes...

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