Pride and Prejudice

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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Laurence Sterne, an eighteenth-century British novelist wrote, “No body, but he who has felt it, can conceive what a plaguing thing it is to have a man’s mind torn asunder by two projects of equal strength, both obstinately pulling in a contrary direction at the same time”. In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the reader is faced to Sterne’s statement for some characters. One of them is Fitzgerald Darcy, the male protagonist of the novel. Darcy is a wealthy man whose mind is pulled in conflicting directions, between his true love, and his cold character, mostly his personal pride, which betrays him. This internal conflict with Darcy illuminates larger themes of the work such as, love and marriage, and as indicated in the title, pride and prejudice. One of Darcy’s objectives is to court Elizabeth and marry her, because of his attraction to her at their first meeting. Throughout the novel the reader finds that the two protagonists, Elizabeth and Darcy are one another’s true love, and true love may be the best way to end Darcy’s conflict.

The first conflicting force is his love for Elizabeth, which is in fact his true love. At their first meeting, Darcy is attracted to her, and he begins to court her, but his feelings of superiority makes him struggle in seducing Elizabeth. She starts to form certain distaste for him. Plus his disapproval of Bingley courting Jane causes Elizabeth to dislike him intensely. It is when she rejects Darcy’s proposal in marriage that he realizes how others perceive his behavior, and he wants to show Elizabeth his devotion for her. This force shows Darcy’s desires of Elizabeth and his ambitions of marrying her, but his own character betrays him. His love for Elizabeth pulls him in one direction, but his pride contradicts that feeling, and it is what pushes her away from him. A change of attitude is what will win her back, and to do that he has to straighten out this internal conflict between his love, and his pride.

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