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Product Category- Water Purifier

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Product Category: Water purifier
India has a huge market for water purifiers. The type of purifiers available in the market are mostly UV based or RO based. Other purifying techniques include boiling water, using domestic candle filters (steel form),carbon filter or use of Alum. The usage of filter in a particular region is decided by the Total Dissolved Solid (TDS ) level of Water. TDS is directly related to the purity of water and the quality of water purification systems.With the measurement of TDS Level,it can be found out which Water Purifier to use for the particular sample of Water. 0<TDS<500 : UV based Water Purifier

TDS>500 :RO based Water Purifier
The urban Indian is more health conscious and understands the necessity of purifying water before it is fit for consumption. So, there remains a huge untapped market. The purifiers can be either electrical or chemical depending on the purification technique used. The main contaminants are, however, micro organisms, viruses, giardia and bacteria, excessive unwanted salts etc. These are treated well with UV Purifiers. However, when Water is excessively hard with high TDS Level, RO works more effectively. Players like Kent RO purifiers ,HUL Pureit, Eureka Forbes-Aquaguard occupy the major market share and occupy more than 50 percent market share. In comparison, there is less penetration of UV and RO filters in Rural India and people rely on Alum and Carbon filters.

TDS level of IMI ,Delhi tap water sample is 664,which is excessively high. For drinking purpose, Kent RO purifiers are installed which treat water to the TDS level of 39,thus making it safe and drinkable!

Different Brands of Water Purifier available in Delhi and NCR markets: After visiting various markets in Delhi and NCR ,We found out the following popular brands were availablee: -Pureit(HUL)

-Aquasure and Aquaguard(Eureka Forbes)
-TATA Swach
-Kent RO
Apart from the above purifiers, other less popular brands and local purifiers also occupied the market share.They include ,Zero B,Whirlpool, Dolphin, Aquamaxx, Poonam(steel) and Koryo steel. But their overall presence is not significant as compared to the brands mentioned above. Following is the chart showing the availability of various brands in the markets of Delhi and NCR Region. Though the company offer a lot of varients, but only few are popular in the market. It can be observed that Eureka Forbes Aquaguard, which is a very popular brand has low availability in the market channel. The reason is that it supplies directly through its own Eureka forbes network. Also, it can be seen that HUL Pureit Compact,Classic ,Intella and Tata Swach are more popular because of less cost and high efficiency system,serving the basic purpose.

Water Purifiers can be broadly divided into two categories:- a) Storage type Water Purifiers
b) Inline type Water Purifiers

a) Storage type Water Purifiers – The Storage type water purifiers are the ones which filter and store the water supplied through manual inlet source. b) Inline type Water Purifiers – The Inline type water purifiers take water input from running sources like tap and filter it simultaneously. These type of purifiers are costlier.

In both the categories, various brands with different storage capacities are available which use different water purifying technologies. Most of the Storage type water purifiers are non-electric whereas almost all the Direct Flow water purifiers are using electricity with HUL Pureit Marvella being an exception. Also, most of the Storage Purifiers use UV filters and Direct flow use RO filters. This is the reason that later are generally more expensive . The...
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