Priceline.Com: Changing Business in the New Millennium

Topics: Retailing, Marketing, Website Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: October 18, 2012 Changing Business in the New Millennium

Q#1: How does the internet illustrate the marketing concept in action? Answer: In marketing concept, delivering the products to the consumers according to their needs is the way to achieve organizational goal. Internet is doing this job nicely. Today, people want numerous number of products at the near of their hands. But the traditional form of marketing is no more suitable for consumer groups. That’s why they want easier to achieve of their needed products in one single place. With the keywords aggregation and convenience, internet has come forward to begin the new millennium of marketing concept. The internet offers almost unlimited shopping possibilities with all desired products of consumers. This enables one from anywhere around the world to get his expected items sitting at his home. One can give special order to make anything for him to the internet seller which he won’t find in traditional market. Thus, in this competitive business world internet aim to do more than just blast the product messages. This helps the organizations to reach people directly and personally. By making things convenience to the customers, marketers wants to be the part of one’s life. And internet is maximizing this value creating process through the whole marketing concept successfully.

Q#2: Explain how department stores, shopping centers, discounters and warehouse stores created value for consumers? Answer: Department stores, shopping centers, discounters, and warehouse stores created value for consumers. Value for consumers not something just making things better but getting things easily. And all these stores stand for this convenience. Today’s people want more products at one place than ever before. These shopping centers assemble an assortment of many items from different sources under one roof and make them conveniently available to consumers in a single location. These stores provide delivery of large goods...
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