Price Elasticity of Demand

Topics: Supply and demand, Consumer theory, Elasticity Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: June 6, 2011
Price Elasticity of Demand

Mark Vines
DeVry University

The demand for corn as an ingredient for an alternative energy source has had a profound effect on its supply as a core food ingredient. So, what has been the effect on the supply of corn and its substitute such as the soybean? The answer can be found by examining the five demand determinants and five supply determinants to see which ones will shift demand and supply. The demand determinants are known as T-I-P-E-N, which stands for Taste of preference, Income, Price of complements and substitutes, Expectation of consumer, and Number of buyers in the market. The supply determinants are known as P-R-E-S-T, which stands for Producers (number of), Resource price, Expectation of business, Subsidies and taxes, and Technology. The farming industry has had to ramp up production of corn to satisfy the demand that was caused by the increase in the number of buyers. More buyers will generate more income, so most likely farmland will be used to produce more corn. The determinants of Number of buyers and Income are responsible for this demand shift. The land available for soybean crops will decrease, resulting in a reduction of supply. This supply shift is the result of Producers (number of). What will the effect of these shifts have on the price of corn oil? As the production of corn used for energy alternatives is increased, the available production for other corn products such as corn oil will obviously decrease. Less production will mean a decrease in corn oil supply. Because of a consistent demand for the product, the price will increase due to the lower supply. The demand determinant of Expectation and the supply determinant of Producers (number of) will govern this shift. The only way to modify the shift and keep prices from increasing would be to develop the supply determinant of Technology to overcome the decreased production capacity. In what way does the price...
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