Price and Core Image

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Consumer Behavior
November 8, 2010
Levi's Signature Stretch
1) Levi's had a big decision to associate the reputation of their brand name with their lowest priced jeans called their "Signature series." The choice due to their different product lines that they offer, as well as their competitors' trends and perception of the quality of their jeans by their customers.

I believe that Levi's was completely correct in leaving their brand name on all of their products. The senior executives of Levi's stated that they were proud of all their products, and there is no better way to state that then putting your brand name right on the product. And there is no better way to display your lack of confidence in one of your products than hiding or changing your brand name. In keeping the Levi's Strauss name on its signature line, it also ensures that their customers are going to see their name more often on the shelves, since they include over 9%. It is also important that customers knows what brand they are buying in case they enjoy the stretchability of the product, then they may be tempted to try out their other products. 8) I definitely believe there is a core image of Levi's that can survive across the wide range of prices and outlets that it operates in, as long as they market it correctly . Even though they sell their products at multiple price points and in multiple locations with varying consumer behaviors and social classes including over the internet, there is an overall core image of their brand. I believe this core image is both the consistency of the stretchiness of their jeans overall as well as their marketing angle to middle aged customers. Once again they must market this properly.
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