Prg 211 Week One Paper

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Reusability Code

March 5, 2013

* Introduction
Security in terms of hiding code
Passing of data versus data encapsulation
How object-oriented methods are similar to procedural modules * Code reuse in more than one program
* Closing
* References

This paper will discuss the difference between procedural modules and object-oriented methods. How both methods work and some of the pro cons between the two methods.
Both are still use with each other depending on how the program that is written. The paper will discuss some the security of hiding code and the benefits of code reuse in a program.

The question one must ask what is reusable code? Reusable code is basically the skill to use code that was previously used without any adjustment or modification, and still be able to perform a particular request no matter what code the application is using. Reusability of Code is used everywhere to small businesses to big Corporation, and Firms. Reusability of code is almost inevitable some software is meant to be reused that is a very popular method used in open source software because not all software can be used directly software is different from each other, some have different purpose, different software enables different programs or application to function properly.

Security Hiding Code
Although the Internet is available to everyone anywhere in the world but not everyone is equipped with the same level of ethical value. Some would have assumed their personal responsibility to respect other’s property and privacy,...
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