Prg 211 Week 2 Individual Assignment

Topics: Major League Baseball, The A-Team, Problem solving Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: June 15, 2012
Billy Flowers
Programming Development Part 1
June 4, 2012
Aruna Pandey


Newport News County has a T-Ball league in Hampton, VA situated in the Mallory community. . This is a part of a large community of the local T-Ball and youth league programs offered in the area. The league is for young children between the ages of four and seven. The league is for building character, teaching team work and development. Each T-ball team consists of 12-14 kids from all the surrounding cities. The league allows for parents to come in and volunteer as a means to save cost. Though all cities don't have a team, those that have teams are named after current MLB team names.


The teams have all ordered uniforms that are on the way however other important equipment is not provided from the league and coaches have to fill the void. This equipment includes balls, field markings, scoreboard, helmets as well as batting T’s for all assigned teams. City recreation will provide the referees to call the games as well as other various objects utilized during game play. The respective team coaches are responsible for providing the equipment as well as organizing snacks and keeping an open line of communication with parents. The cost of the new uniforms is overwhelming; the cost took the entire budget. Helmets and equipment from previous years is not available and league officials have not been able to locate the gear. This simply means all the gear will have to be purchased brand new at the team’s expense.

Purchasing equipment from local stores individually will cost the teams more money than they have. Purchasing of equipment must be done on order for league play to happen, so not getting the equipment is not an option. There are ten teams in the league; the league wants to do all they can to keep parents from having to fork out the money for equipment. The challenges the teams are facing is finding a supplier that has all the...
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