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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Activity 6

In Prey by, Michael Crichton the most important object would be, The Swarm that takes a mind of its own in the Nevada desert. One main event in the novel would be when Rachel Forman crashes her car, Rachel Forman is the main characters wife (Jack Forman) who narrates the novel.

In the novel Prey The Swarm is a huge part of the book. The swarm consists of self sustaining nano cameras that take a mind of their own. The cameras learn how to adapt to their environment and reproduce in large numbers. The nano cameras run on a system called, “PredPray” this processing system makes it so the cameras can stay on task but the code has become corrupt making the cameras actually hunt and kill living things. Jack Forman has been hired by the company “Media Tronics” to shut down and kill the swarm of nano cameras.

When the novel starts out Jack Forman suspects his wife is having an affair. So Jack is suspicious of everything that Rachel does, even if she's at work he doesn’t really trust her. One day as Rachel was leaving her house Jack looked out the window and saw what looked like a man in the passenger seat, this caused Jack to go into a rage and about 30min later he gets a call telling him his wife has crashed her car. So when jack goes to the scene of the crash he talks to the sheriff and was told that Rachel had lost control of her car. After everyone has left and everything was cleared up Jack remembers there being a man in the passenger side of the car when is wife left the house. Jack goes back to the scene of the accident and theirs nothing there except for a white van with no tags and was unmarked without a license plate, Jack decides to approach the van but as he starts walking toward it the car starts and drives away and rushes past him.

The Swarm of nano cameras was an important object because it showed that Jacks software really works and that the cameras can adapt to their environment like people or living things. Rachel's car crashed...
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