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Topics: Bermuda, United States, Atlantic Ocean Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: February 21, 2013
            Research Outline “Bermuda”
Thesis: Bermuda is a place where beaches appear with clear water, the best navigators get lost in the voyage too, and expectations are exceeded. Introduction
History: Bermuda is along a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean that is five hundred and eighty miles east of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The capital of Bermuda is actually split between Hamilton and St. George. Climate: Bermuda has a subtropical climate and gets its warmth from the Gulf Stream. The climate in Bermuda is humid but the temperatures barely exceed eighty six degrees Fahrenheit. English Settlement: The settlement of Bermuda was slow because of the inability of the land to grow any solid crops. The Royal Charter finally sent its men to explore and Bermuda was finally found in 1610 Independence: The independence of Bermuda was finally gained during the Bermuda and American War of Independence. The victory of this war led to permanent English control by the, back then, king of England. Bermuda was used as a Ship building island and lead to the exploration of the other islands nearby. Economy: The Bermudian pound became Bermuda’s official currency in 1970, and the primary use of Bermuda in the early 20th century was for a transport and communication island. The United States used the Bermudians for trade and naval aid in trade for protection. Bermuda is knows as an offshore financial center because of minimal business regulation. Political Effects: Adopted same moral regulations from Britain with minimal American influence. Main laws/ rules come from Queen of England, or whoever is in power. The Bermudian society is an independent country but is a controlled area by the English and Queen. They develop their policies from Britain and subside to their rules along with some of their own. The executive role is in the monarch and is carried out on the Queens behalf by the Governor. International Activity: Bermuda is not a part of the United Nations...
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